Triple-O Knife Now Available in Japan

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This is unexpected but not unwelcome: get a Triple-O knife in Japan! Leo Combat, LLC, doesn’t export anything, but our distributors do, which is how the Triple-O wound up in Switzerland and, now, Japan. If you’re Stateside, get one here, … Continued

Media Liberals Lying About Gun Owners

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Dog bites man! Katie Couric and her producers have been accused of editing her anti-gun “documentary” to make gun advocates look like morons.  Katie asks a room of pro-gunners how to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns if you … Continued

Trump’s SCOTUS list

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So I finally got around to looking at Trump’s SCOTUS list, and it looks pretty good (and as an aside, reporters, if you’re going to do an article about it, you should just include the names as a list.  Some … Continued

Good News from the 9th Circuit!

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The 9th Circus Circuit Court of Appeals just handed down a great pro-Second Amendment decision.  It found a right to commerce in firearms, which of course makes perfect sense.  There’s no point to having a right to own a gun … Continued

Good News from the Supreme Court

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Massachusetts’s stun gun ban will in all probability now be overturned–although the brief opinion from SCOTUS doesn’t require it, but rather demands that the decision upholding it be reconsidered.  The judges in Massachusetts had said that stun guns don’t get … Continued

Self-Defense in Seattle

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The oral argument for the State Department lawsuit is Thursday, so things are busy around here. But I can’t resist posting this story of a 7-11 customer who defended himself from a hatchet-wielding attacker. Washington State has been shall-issue since … Continued

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