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Triple-O Knife

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When you are truly Out Of Options…this is the knife to reach for.

Not many of us have the time to become knife-fighting experts–and unless you really are an expert, you’ll fumble that folder when confronted with a deadly threat at knife range. That’s just what adreneline does.

This knife was designed from scratch to be easily used in the kind of desperate situation that calls for a knife–beaten, bruised, deprived of your sidearm, and unable to escape.  Maximum effectiveness even with minimal training.  For LEOs, private security, and anyone who has ever thought “what if?”

Add a belt clip for concealed or duty carry.

Blunt trainers are also available.

Please check your local laws!  Knife control can be as irrational and surprising as gun control.

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Things to bet your life on: your boots, your sidearm, and your Triple-O knife.

When you are truly Out Of Options…this is the knife to reach for.

You should always bring a gun to a knife fight–two, really–but when you are neck-deep in trouble and you can’t get your gun, the Triple-O knife could make all the difference.   This unique design combines these life-saving features:

  1. A thick (4.5mm or .177″), flat-ground blade to power through anything.
  2. A tall, wedge-shaped guard to keep your hand off the cutting edge without impairing combat effectiveness.
  3. Finger grooves that guide your hand into position when milliseconds count
  4. An upward-oriented cutting edge–because the soft parts of your attacker (belly or throat) are best met with an upward thrusting motion using powerful muscles like the biceps and legs.
  5. Compact size: a 3 1/4″ blade in 6 5/8″ OAL, for easy carry on a belt, under the arm on a vest, or in a boot.

This is not a fancy “tactical folder” that looks cool being displayed in your collection.  It’s a simple hunk of sharpened metal and molded plastic that can save your life when literally nothing else can.  If you can’t dial 911 because you ARE 911–this knife is for you.

Comes with a sturdy Kydex sheath to keep it close at hand.

Belt clips available. Glass-filled nylon, adjustable to fit up to a 2″ belt.  For horizontal, vertical, or 45 degree carry, or drill it out for whatever angle you prefer.  Comes with two screws and rubber washers (thread locker recommended!).  Note that both screws must go on the same side of the blade to fit.  Instructions included.

Also available: blunt trainers for safe practice

For you, or for the cop or soldier in your life: I hope you never need it, but I hope it’s on your vest or belt when you do.




4 reviews for Triple-O Knife

  1. Douglas Echternacht

    I love it! I wondered if the belt clip would be to bulky but it is perfect and right now I am busy trying different positions and angles to see what works best for me. The sheath is well made and holds the knife securely without effecting my draw. The knifes size ratio is awesome to make a solid blade, the plastic handle feels solid and the tang works well to protect from sliding onto the blade. And with such a short handle people would slide their hand up looking for a bigger grip. But a bigger grip would make it harder to carry concealed. And it is awesome to have received number 6 out of the first hundred. Keep up the great work.

  2. Paul Bowen

    The handle fits my hand perfectly, the unique reversed blade edge, and the conceal ability are all great features.

  3. John Barr (verified owner)

    I really wanted to keep this knife. The blade’s size, thickness and tanto tip design are perfect and the clip provides multiple carry options. The sheath holds the blade securely without unnecessary drag. The real failing of this knife is its unique upside down grip which really only permits an ergonomically weak wrist upward slicing motion. The idea of pulling a knife at close quarters with the hot edge up is not an appealing option. If you’ve worked with blades you’ll notice this right off. I was tempted to keep the knife and just try to deal with it but in a blade that is this short a sure grip is essential. I’d buy this knife in a blink if they provided a normal grip option which would give you a strong wrist position for use.

  4. Mephisto Rohan

    Finally someone came up with a proper icepick grip knife. The OOO has a very impressive handle with an actual guard and the grind is actually a low frequency serration which adds to its cutting power. I found mine to be equally at home in the kitchen when used in the traditional saber grip. I have multiple add on belt clips from other manufacturers all of which worked. I knocked off a star for not being made in the US, I would of paid $100 if it was.

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