Leo Combat was founded in 2013 with the express purpose of developing and making products that would enhance the safety of our Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) as well as citizens who carry concealed.  We have now released two products for use in the field–the Pocket-Safe hammer shroud and the Triple-O knife–and one for training, both dry-fire and force-on-force/disarming/retention drills, the Wall-Saver safety cylinder.  We are proud to say that we will be releasing more products in the future that focus on concealed and duty cary, Law Enforcement and Military safety, and safe training.  We greatly appreciate the interest in our company, and look forward to serving our customers in the future.

About the Owner:

I make things.   I’ve been making things since I was a child with nothing but a pocket knife and a soldering iron. But when I hit the streets as a reserve deputy with my local sherriff’s office, I realized that there were a lot of things in the world that needed to be made—and that could save lives if I made them.

I’m a patent lawyer by training, so I’ve had a front-row seat to innovation. Yet somehow, nobody was seeing the gaps I saw in officer safety and citizen self-defense. So I got to work, designing and cutting and shaping and experimenting. And what you see here is the result of an awful lot of trial, error, refinement, and even waste. The best and most useful ideas that you’ve never seen for self-protection.   And there’s more to come, much more.   I hope you’ll find something you like, and if not, come back later and see what’s new.

Robert Lyman

Founder of Leo Combat