Backdoor Knife Control

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I have written before about knife rights, which are for the most part not as endangered as gun rights…but under attack even so.  It is the Triple-O knife that prevents Leo Combat from advertising on Facebook.  And now reports are … Continued

Obama Tries To Bankrupt Gunsmiths

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OK, that headline might be a little hyperbolic.  But the State Department has issued guidance that suggests that many more people need to register under ITAR as “manufacturers” of defense articles–and therefore pay $2,250 annually. As you may know–or perhaps … Continued

Don’t Mess With Waffle House

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A man who robbed a Waffle House with an AK-47 is in critical condition after an event some people say is impossible: a customer with a lawfully concealed handgun shot him. Hopefully the Democrats will be able to stop the menace … Continued

Reality Rudely Contradicts Obama

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After the Orlando shooting, President Obama said that the notion that armed clubgoers could have defended themselves and others “defies common sense.” (The notion that police should be armed when confronting a terrorist does not similarly defy common sense because … Continued

More on lying government lawyers

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A few weeks ago I wrote about what I called “an astonishing case of governmental misconduct,” in which Department of Justice lawyers were caught in baldfaced lies. Micheal Greve adds his take, which includes the disturbing statement that “For what … Continued

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