Good News from the 9th Circuit!

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The 9th Circus Circuit Court of Appeals just handed down a great pro-Second Amendment decision.  It found a right to commerce in firearms, which of course makes perfect sense.  There’s no point to having a right to own a gun if you can be forbidden to buy one.  The author of the opinion is Judge O’Scannlain, which comes as no surprise.  He is a very reliable conservative exponent of limited government and gun rights, and one of the leaders in having the Supreme Court go 9-0 in his favor, often overruling his less thoughtful and more liberal colleagues.  I actually will be seeing him in September so I’ll try to remember to thank him for it.

This opinion also contains a lot of good strong points that support my lawsuit against the State Department.

You can read the opinion here, or read Eugene Volokh’s nice summary here.

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