Media Liberals Lying About Gun Owners

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Dog bites man!

Katie Couric and her producers have been accused of editing her anti-gun “documentary” to make gun advocates look like morons.  Katie asks a room of pro-gunners how to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns if you don’t have background checks, and then cuts in 9 seconds of the audience sitting silent.

The activists claim there was a spirited, 4 minute debate, and that the footage of them sitting quietly was from a different part of the conversation.  This would be a he-said-she-said moment except…the raw audio is on the page linked above.

The best part is the response from the production company, that invites viewers to “watch and decide for themselves.”  How exactly is that possible with deceptive editing?  This is why trust in the media is so low: all y’all are  bunch of left-wing liars.

But Katie, I’ll offer my own answer to your question, in the form of a question: With out onerous regulations and regular DEA inspections, how do you stop dealers and junkies from buying cocaine and heroin?  OK, I realize that sounds stupid; junkies don’t buy drugs from DEA licensed facilities.  But they do buy it, and nothing in that licensing regime prevents them.

Well, criminals and terrorists buy guns–like the Paris terrorists did–through illegal networks, just like the networks that move illegal drugs and shuttle human beings across international borders.  So your question is based on a false premise, which is that “gun control” works.

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UPDATE:  A commentator at NPR, of all places, calls it “manipulative” and “clearly unfair and unwarranted.”  So thank you to David Folkenflik for caring about truth over the narrative.

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