Due Process: not for gun owners!

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There are two legislative efforts underway to attack gun rights without proper judicial consideration: Diane Feinstein’s wish to ban “suspected” terrorists from buying guns, and the Washington State effort to make it much easier to take someone’s guns based on … Continued

Gun Safety: Forbidden by Facebook UPDATED

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Question of the day: are Facebook employees illiterate, or just logic-defying gun haters? As you have seen mentioned elsewhere, the Wall-Saver safety cylinder is going to debut in March (for late-model Smith & Wesson J-frame, just like the Pocket-Safe hammer … Continued

Wall-Saver Coming March 2015

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Finally, a release date is fixed for the Wall-Saver safety cylinder.  It will be released next month!  Newsletter subscribers will get a coupon and first dibs when they’re ready. Look for the Triple-O in May if all goes well.

Update on the Triple-O

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UPDATE: Triple-O knives are shipping same-business-day when you complete your order before 1600 Mountain time. When are we on making the Triple-O available?  Short answer: hoping for May. It’s being manufactured in China. I looked at doing it in the … Continued

What’s up at Leo Combat?

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  UPDATE: THE WALL-SAVER SAFETY CYLINDER IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. Things have been super quiet here—much quieter than I’d prefer. What’s up at Leo Combat? Well, there was the flu. So that kind of puts a damper on everything you … Continued

Who will speak up for free speech?

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So Facebook is censoring images of Muhammad to satisfy Turkish authorities—a couple weeks after Zuckerberg was saying “Je suis Charlie” like the rest of the world. At one level, it’s an easy decision to understand. If a U.S. court ordered … Continued