Incentives matter!

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I try hard not to be overly judgmental of different parts of the political spectrum.  I know lovely people of many different political persuasions, and I resent  the tendency to demonize opponents.  Partly that’s the golden rule, and partly it’s … Continued

Serendipity brings the Wall-Saver closer

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The Wall-Saver safety cylinder is almost ready for prime time–multiple prototypes and false-starts later.  But this morning something annoying happened–the plastic used to make it gelled up early while going into the mold, resulting in a bubble.  A BIG bubble … Continued

On Snipers and Cowardice and Concealed Carry

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Michael Moore, whose opinions on counterterrorism tactics and gunfighting I’m sure we all respect, called snipers “cowards.” In TTAG’s preliminary Charlie Hebdo shootout scenario, the defender who saved the most lives didn’t confront the attackers head on, or kill them; … Continued