Leo Combat will be selling a CNC controller kit–which is weird, right?

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As I wrote back in July, development of the reinforced aluminum 1911 is at a standstill pending satisfaction of the State Department’s extortionate demands for money.  I literally can’t make a prototype because that would be “manufacturing a defense article” and put me at risk of jail time.  Oh, I have an FFL, I’m just not registered to export.

So while I work through that issue–and thus far, the State Department has declined to call me back for nearly 6 weeks, and my Congressional delegation hasn’t responded to my letters–I am working on a project that isn’t regulated.  So far as I know, the Feds seem to have their noses in everything lately.

It’s a CNC controller kit for a compact mill like the Sherline 2000 I use for prototyping.  It will include 3 stepper motors, a controller, power supply, a used computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, along with all necessary wiring.  Why is a gun and knife guy doing this?  Well, back when I was setting up my mill about a year ago, I looked at the market and found that the kit from Sherline (without monitor) costs $1,800!  And if you already have a computer, you’re still out over 1,000 bucks. I’m not going to argue with Sherline quality–you could easily pay more and get less–but wow.

So I’m putting together a package that I think I can sell for literally half that.  And I’ll toss it up on eBay and see if anyone wants it!

I’m not giving up on the gun business, just adding to it.  And there are more ideas to come.

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