1.  Verify that your revolver is UNLOADED.  Now do it again.

J-frame unloaded
Looks good and empty!
Second look
Seriously, check again.













2. Use the enclosed screwdriver bit to remove the forward-most sideplate screw, holding the crane in place.

Unscrewing the tension screw to remove cylinder.
The right size screwdriver (included with your safety cylinder) is essential to prevent damage.


3. Slide the crane forward, with cylinder attached.  Note that the flutes are what allows the cylinder to be removed.  It is also possible to remove the crane while leaving the cylinder in place

Cylinder removal with crane
Align the flutes with the frame for easy removal.
Removing crane without cylinder.
You can also just slide the crane out and leave the cylinder where it is.














4. Unscrew the ejector rod from the extractor star.  Note that this has a LEFT HAND THREAD and therefore unscrews the opposite from what you would expect.

Loosen RIGHT
This takes more getting used to than you’d think.


5. Remove the ejector rod and extractor from the cylinder.  Be careful about dropping the springs


Live cylinder disassembly
The springs tend to push everything apart, so be careful you don’t launch any parts.

6. Install the ejector/extractor group on the Wall-Saver safety cylinder.  The fit through the hole may be tight, and the plastic is necessarily thin at that point.  Use caution to avoid breaking it.


Put the extractor, center rod, and springs in place before screwing the ejector on.
Put the extractor, center rod, and springs in place before screwing the ejector on.

7.  Tighten the ejector rod, recalling that it turns the opposite direction from ordinary screws.  Inadequate tightening may result in your gun jamming closed.

Tighten LEFT
Bet you turn it the wrong way and wonder why it’s not working


8. Install the Wall-Saver safety cylinder onto the crane, and the crane onto the frame of your revolver.

Wall-Saver safety cylinder on revolver.
It fits the same, but looks nothing like the real thing.

9. Tighten the screw securing the crane onto the frame.

Final screw tightening
It’s easiest to tighten the screw before closing the action so that you aren’t fighting springs.

10. You are now ready to teach and train!

Revolver with Wall-Saver safety cylinder installed.
Nobody is going to mistake this for a live firearm.


Look good to you?  Order a Wall-Saver safety cylinder today!