Why You Should Carry–ALWAYS!

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From TTAG we have yet another story of concealed-carry saving lives. And from the video, it’s actually another shootout at a barbershop that appears to have a primarily African-American clientele (like the similar incident in Minnesota), which goes to show that if you really think #Blacklivesmatter, you shouldn’t be pushing for laws that take guns away from good people, or hand discretion in permit issuance to local police (especially if you think those police are racist and don’t care about the black community…never mind, the contorted logic of gun grabbing is too much for me to follow).

On the upside, only the felonious gunman died, while the good guy promptly turned himself in to police, who have not charged him and are publicly giving him credit for saving lives. On the downside, this gets counted as “gun death.”

ALL lives matter—and YOUR life matters, no matter what color your skin is! Carry always!

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