Why Did the NYPD Go Along With the Fake Gun Store in Manhattan?

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There have been numerous stories about the fake gun shop set up to try to talk people out of buying guns.  I don’t know if this actually means anything in the larger gun-control debate, but here’s something I want to understand: why did law enforcement cooperate with such a  stunt?  The Washington Post says an NYPD rep was on scene during this weird charade, and NYC has laws that seriously restrict possession and sale of fake guns, except for Very Important Reasons like making a movie.  Fortunately I have better things to do that try to parse these laws to see what (if any) licenses or waivers might have been required, but the presence of a cop suggests that they were.

Why is the NYPD helping anti-gunners?  (OK, I know the answer, but bear with me).  Why is this ridiculous performance worth their time?  And why should an anti-gun group get favored treatment from the powers that be while ordinary folks are harassed for carrying pocket knives?

I suppose I should be used to it but the corruption of what should be honorable institutions like police agencies in the service of attacks on the Constitution disgusts me.

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