Triple-O knife Preorder now open–with a chance to win

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UPDATE: the drawing is over, but Triple-O knives are shipping same-business-day when you complete your order before 1600 Mountain time.



The time has finally come–you can reserve your Triple-O knife for delivery in late June!  If you can’t call 911 because you ARE 911, this knife belongs on your belt or vest.

The first 100 knives will be a serial-numbered special edition, and #001 will be given away for free to a lucky winner.  No purchase is necessary, but a preorder holds a special edition knife for you AND automatically enters you to win.  See rules.

Triple-O stands for Out Of Options.  This is a knife optimized to end a fight when there is no other option left.  You’ve lost your gun, you can’t run away, and who knows what injuries you’ve suffered–and this is all you’ve got.

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You know you want one.

In that scenario, opening a “tactical folder” is implausible: fine motor skills are gone, and whoever is trying to kill you isn’t going to just watch while you whip it out.  Even an automatic requires you to find that button or lever.  And if you do get a blade out, getting it into your attacker without having your hand slip up and get cut even more is a challenge.  A desperate emergency calls for a tool that does one thing, and does it well.

The Triple-O knife has a thick blade (4.5mm or .177″) and a flat grind that carries that thickness down close to the point for strength.  At 3 1/4″, the blade it is long enough to serve its purpose, but at 6 1/2″ overall, it is still compact enough to carry easily .  The wide guard keeps your hand away from the edge, and has a wedge shape that maximizes combat effectiveness.  The finger groves help you get a secure grip even when you can’t pay attention to your grip, and they naturally orient the blade upward–because an upward thrusting motion can be used effectively when you’re in a clinch, uses strong muscles like the biceps and legs, and because the soft parts of your threat (belly, throat) are more vulnerable.

Make no mistake, stabbing a human being is an ugly thing to contemplate–probably worse, even, than shooting someone.  But if you’re on patrol alone, or you’re in a desperate struggle surrounded by an innocent crowd, it may be what lets you get home at the end of your shift.

The Triple-O knife is priced at $45 to put it within reach of law enforcement, military, and anyone else who would find it comforting to carry.  Get one for yourself or your loved one!

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