The Pocket-Safe hammer shroud is not the same as an S&W 638

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A few times nice folks have linked to the Pocket-Safe hammer shroud on gun forums and asked if anyone has ever tried one, or something like that.

A common response is “Why don’t you just get a Smith & Wesson 638?” After all, S&W came out with a shrouded hammer decades ago, so why would you want something aftermarket?

I’m not going to say a single word against the S&W 638, or 649, or any other shrouded hammer revolver. They’re fine guns and if that’s what you want, then get one! There isn’t just one “right” answer that works for everyone.

But it’s worth pointing out that the my hammer shrouds are not the same thing as 638, or a Waller & Sons hammer shroud. For one, it’s not permanent. It comes right off, either when you pull the trigger or if you pull it backwards. That means no gunsmithing, and no change to your revolver’s value. It also means you can use the entire hammer spur for cocking, not just the tip. And you get the classic revolver look, which I admit I favor.

Everyone has to pick the right rig that matches his or her preferences and lifestyle. Maybe that’s a steel Government Model or maybe it’s a derringer, maybe it’s a 638 or maybe it’s a Pocket-Safe hammer shroud. None of them is “the” right choice, but they’re all different. Know your options!

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