Teaser (for the auto shooters)

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The perfect place for a little chunk of chromoly steel to take the pounding.

Is that an aluminum 1911 80% frame (or, as the ATF calls it, a “receiver blank”)?  Why yes it is, sort of.  It’s a cheapo defect frame from Stealth Arms; they made a mistake on the magwell so they bored out the upper grip screw bushing hole and sold it at a deep discount.  That makes it the perfect test platform for a steel reinforcement that I plan on sticking in.

Once that’s made and in place, destructive testing will take place (on this and similar frames) to see how it holds up to being bashed repeatedly.  And if THAT works out, then a proper, non-defective commander-size Stealth Arms 80% frame will get a bobtail and the rest of the gun built on it, and handed off to a competitive shooter to see if he can break it (he claims to have broken a Nighthawk, so that should be a solid test).

And if all that proves that this thing works, and the ATF approves my FFL, then later this year you should see both steel-reinforced aluminum frames and complete commander 1911s designed just for concealed carry right here.  I’m looking to keep the price low enough that you can actually buy one instead of printing out pictures and putting them on the wall next to your Kate Upton posters.

If it doesn’t work, you can look forward to a blog series on what went wrong.  Speaking of which, the “making of” series on the Wall-Saver safety cylinder is in the works, but it’s being delayed by the need to…actually MAKE more Wall-Saver safety cylinders to replace the ones that have sold.


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