Taurus 85 with removable hammer spur: good but not great.

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I’ll try to get back to the my “Making of Pocket-Safe hammer shrouds” series tomorrow, but I saw something interesting yesterday that was worth commenting on.

TTAG had a video on their Facebook page of the Taurus model 85 with a removable hammer spur spotted at SHOT. They asked for comments, and got an earful, as you’d expect.

It’s a clever idea, no doubt, but as the comments running around the web show, a lot of people are worried about losing it. So you take this tiny piece of metal off, slip the gun into a pocket holster or whatever your preferred carry choice is, and put the spur…where? Hopefully in a plastic bag that makes it easier to find, I guess. The guy in the video actually drops it, dramatically demonstrating the problem.

Not trying to get braggy here, but…the Pocket-Safe hammer shroud is a better solution. It keeps the spur where it belongs (available even when carrying concealed), and if you lose your hammer shroud for some reason…it comes in a package of 3, so you should have 2 more!

Now, the bad news is, there isn’t a Pocket-Safe for the Taurus 85 yet. Only for S&W J-frames for now. So you’ll have to go with the removable hammer spur if you’re in a hurry. But I’m listening to everyone who lets me know what their favorite revolver is, and I’ll bring out new models as soon as I can.

Taurus is to be commended for innovation! And if they make replacement spurs for the model 85 cheap enough, they may do well with it.

  1. Gary Wayne Foreman

    Have a Taurus 85. Spur was lost when I bought the gun. I’ve replaced it 3 times. Now my problem is not the spur, but it will not lock the hammer back so you can shoot SA. I guess the Damn thing is broke or wore out. It’s not been shot very much at all. Less than 500 rounds.

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