Serendipity brings the Wall-Saver closer

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master and casting
The machined original and the reproduction that went wrong. Wait, I mean, went right.

The Wall-Saver safety cylinder is almost ready for prime time–multiple prototypes and false-starts later.  But this morning something annoying happened–the plastic used to make it gelled up early while going into the mold, resulting in a bubble.  A BIG bubble that actually make the final result substantially shorter.  I was NOT happy.

Short cylinder on 637
The short cylinder fits well, functions flawlessly–but needs a touchup in shape.

But, when you make as many mistakes and have as many setbacks as I do, and indeed as anyone working in R&D does, you don’t waste material.  A cylinder defective in one dimension is not necessarily defective in all, and can be used to verify that other aspects of the design worked out as intended.  So I broke out the calipers to measure, and then slapped it onto my 637–familiar to you as the model for the Pocket-Safe hammer shroud.  The dimensions were perfect and…the bubble at the top didn’t affect operation one bit.  Okaaaaaaay…so why am I bothering with the top of the mold at all?  Why not just go with an open top design and eliminate all bubbles and defects?

It’s cheaper, it’s faster, it’s making it better for you!

Expect it to be out in February.  Newsletter subscribers will get first dibs and a discount.

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