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Pocket Safe Hammer Shrouds
Pocket Safe Hammer Shrouds
Stop snags and keep your options open with the Leo Combat Pocket Safe hammer shroud.  With the rise in concealed carry many people are using Smith & Wesson J-Frame models in their pockets.  This product was created to give you more choices when using a J-frame in a critical situation. Everyone knows the spur of a revolver’s hammer is a metal hook waiting to catch on something when you need your gun the most in a concealed carry situation. That’s why so many pocket revolvers are sold “hammerless.” They’re also sold with trigger pulls in the 12-15 lb range, and no way to cock it for a single action shot! This simple solution comes in a package of three, and is molded from high strength KYDEX to assure you of a long service life. No snags, no delays, no permanent alterations or gunsmithing required. To use, simply place the shroud over the hammer and press it forward so that the top of the shroud is in contact with the hammer and the bottom is in contact with the frame.   When the trigger is pulled the shroud is designed to pop off the hammer and thus pose no impediment to the rapid deployment of the weapon in a critical situation. Be sure to test it with your gun so you are familiar with how it works!
NOTE:  Our hammer shrouds are currently only compatible with current production Smith & Wesson J-Frames from the "frame lock" era.  More models coming in 2017--sign up for the mailing list to hear when they come out!
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