One Half-Hearted Cheer for Olive Garden

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I’m sure you heard that Olive Garden has apologized to the on-duty cop its employees turned away because he was armed.  I suppose I should state up front that I have worn a badge in the past, and hopefully will do so again in the future, so I have nothing but contempt for those who turn away cops out of hatred or ignorance.

BUT…but.  There is a flicker of integrity here that I would like to see more often.  They turned him away because he was armed.  Not because he was a peace officer, but because he had a gun, and Olive Garden is another of those gun-free zones where no crime ever occurs.

I wish that everyone who believed in gun-free zones would take that same approach.  No police can respond to crimes at schools.  Secret Service agents shall be unarmed when protecting anyone who opposed concealed carry.  If an intruder enters the house of an anti-gunner, “peace officers” wearing flowers in their hair show up and try to give the intruder a hug and tell him it’s not his fault he’s a violent tweaker or a rapist.

Let’s get real here–if guns are the problem, then the police should be disarmed.  And if the police need guns because they confront violent criminals sometimes—then so do the rest of us, who ALSO confront violent criminals sometimes.

If people took both their ideas and the law seriously instead of carving out all sorts of exceptions and caveats for their friends or the politically powerful, then both ideas and laws would be much improved.  If it’s stupid for Olive Garden to toss out a cop (and it is!), then it’s every bit as stupid for them to try to tell me to leave my guns at home.  And if gun-free zones make people safe, then there shouldn’t be any exceptions to that policy for the “right” people with guns.

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