New Hammer Shrouds Update!

First draft of 3 new models.
Test tools under kydex.

Here is the first pull on the thermoformer of 3 new models of the Pocket-Safe hammer shroud. These will fit the Taurus 85, Taurus Protector, and the Ruger LCRx.

This is just the first draft of all 3, and it is almost certain that revision will be required. But it is great to be growing the lineup!


When they are ready, newsletter subscribers will hear first.

2 Responses

  1. Dave kohler

    Dear Sir,

    I just stumbled upon your product this evening. Very interesting concept!

    Hope you can include a shroud for the S&W Model 36, no dash.

    Thank you.

    • Rob Lyman

      Thank you for your comment!

      A model to fit older j-frames is planned and is just waiting for the budget to accommodate it.

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