New Chicago Screws To Any Triple-O Knife Owner Who Needs Them

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A substantial improvement.

There have been two complaints about defective Chicago screws among buyers of the Triple-O knife and belt clip.  Now, that’s less than a 1% failure rate so far, but it’s too many for my taste.  I have changed suppliers and I have screws which are superior in every way–bigger, stronger, with slots on the post, made in North America (they tell me), and hopefully with a 0% defect rate.  All new orders will ship with the new screws.

However, if you are having any trouble, or simply would like a nicer set of screws for no particular reason, hit the Contact Page and I will send you a pair.

I apologize to those of you who had trouble with the old screws, and thank you to everyone who bought a Triple-O knife!

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