Leo Combat Moves Away from PayPal

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I’m sure there are some of you out there who saw PayPal and wondered what a gun-and-knife guy was doing using such an anti-gun payment platform.

The answer is simple: saving money.  PayPal doesn’t charge a monthly fee or annual fee or signup fee or anything else (although they hit you hard with the transaction fees, for sure).  But sales volume has grown enough that I can afford real credit-card processing with a gateway whose written policy indicates that guns and knives are A-OK.  Thank you to all who have ordered and made it possible!

I’ll still be using PayPal for shipping labels for the time being.  Why?  To save money!  No monthly fee, and discounts over buying from the postal service.  But they have to come off the checkout page so that I can avoid having them freak out and freeze my money.  They’ll stay there until I am 100% confident that the new credit card processing works, and then down they come.

Sorry guys, you’re giving up some cash by hating guns!

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