Leo Combat at 1 Million Cups Denver

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If you’re not following us on Facebook or Twitter you might have missed it: I’ll be giving a pitch and looking for feedback a 1 Million Cups in Denver.  Wednesday 4/1/15 at 0900 at Galvanize, 1062 Delaware St.  I may also do the same at Ft. Collins if I can find the time for the drive (and to visit a few gun shops up there).  Most of their pitches are by tech companies building website back ends for non-profits or social networks for organic grocery shoppers, so guns ‘n’ knives will be a bit of a change for that crowd.  I’ve had the organizers warn me about 16 times to stay away from politics, as if there’s any reason to discuss that when there’s marketing and manufacturing challenges to discuss.

They won’t let me bring a gun in, even with the Wall-Saver safety cylinder installed (actual quote: “Do you have a replica gun?” Well, no, THAT’S the WHOLE POINT–a blue gun will cost you $50 and you can’t even put the product on it to demo!), so they’ll have to make do with pictures.

Hope to see some of you there!

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