Kevin Drum Agrees with the NRA (for real!)

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Kevin Drum writes for Mother Jones, so you can guess his politics.  I’ve read his work on and off for many years and I have agreed with him approximately 0% of the time–although in fairness, I don’t read everything he writes.

But early this morning he came out against banning people from buying guns based on mere suspicion.  No, really!  He is in favor of due process!

I doubt I’ll ever agree with Kevin Drum again, but this is encouraging.  Due process is one of those things that ought to be nonpartisan and widely agreed on.  Few people, even gun-banning liberals, would support arbitrary imprisonment based on mere suspicion, and gun ownership is a constitutional right.  You don’t get deprived of rights without a lot more than “suspicion.”

So thanks Kevin!  I hope we find more common ground in the future.

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