Happy Independence Day!

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I like to call it “Independence Day” rather than “4th of July” because it’s important to remember why it’s a holiday.  Memorial Day isn’t “Burgers and Potato Salad Day,” either.

My sons will be reading the Declaration of Independence with me today, as we do every year (Gettysburg Address is for Memorial Day, and a call to Papa for Veteran’s Day).  Why not Google it up yourself and look at the list of tyrannous usurpations King George III subjected the colonists to?  And compare to the modern government?

I am grateful to live in the U.S.A., for all of her flaws.  I don’t think we’re perfect but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

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  1. stoneslinger

    I couldn’t agree more!! whenever Memorial Day comes around I remember that scene in the film Saving Private Ryan where Captain Miller tells Ryan “earn this” just before he passes. And I ask myself every time “Am I earning my keep as an American?”
    I think it’s a beautiful thing that you have your sons read these very important documents. too many young men of their age are too caught up in popular culture (balance is key). I love my America as well and would rather be here than anywhere else.
    If you get a chance take a look at President Calvin Coolidge’s speech on the Declaration of Independence on July 5, 1926.
    I think you would enjoy it.

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