Finally back at work

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It’s good to get out of the shop now and again.

Back from a fantastic vacation in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t advertise when I’ll be away from home, but it was a great 10 days.  Those of you who placed orders may have noticed that I brought inventory with me and shipped it out from the road.

Now, it’s back to working on products–in particular, I have a non-gun project underway, in the form of a CNC controller kit.  I’ll be putting it on eBay if you happen to own a Sherline mill and want a turnkey controller that doesn’t cost $1,600.  Also, continued contemplation of that possible State Department lawsuit.  It is really unappealing, but given the budget situation (not to mention the difference between right and wrong, which many parts of the government have forgotten), it looks inevitable.  That’s the reason I’m working on non-gun projects, after all, so just doing what is necessary may be…necessary.

I hope you and yours are staying safe!

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