Colt Bankruptcy: I’m Confused and the Media Isn’t Helping.

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Colt Defense LLC has filed for bankruptcy.

What is the fate of Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC?  I have no idea.

For a while, the civilian and military businesses were separate companies.  It seems that, given the use of two different names, they probably still are, although the website is no longer bifurcated as it once was.  Press releases from indicate there is also a “Colt Financing Corp.” involved, who knows what they do.

Frankly, I have no idea what is going on, what relationship Colt Defense LLC has with, for instance, the Colt 1911’s you see at your local gun shop, or what, if any, effect this may have on their availability.

And nobody seems interested in telling me.  The media is just reprinting the press releases without any details.

Can somebody with a byline call Colt and ask?

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