Happy Independence Day!

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I like to call it “Independence Day” rather than “4th of July” because it’s important to remember why it’s a holiday.  Memorial Day isn’t “Burgers and Potato Salad Day,” either. My sons will be reading the Declaration of Independence with … Continued

Leo Combat Moves Away from PayPal

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I’m sure there are some of you out there who saw PayPal and wondered what a gun-and-knife guy was doing using such an anti-gun payment platform. The answer is simple: saving money.  PayPal doesn’t charge a monthly fee or annual … Continued

Do Guns Make You Safe? Of Course Not!

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So I got drawn into a gun-control debate over the weekend (occasioned by the President’s foolish remarks), which goes to show that I need better self-control.  But something good came out of it for me, which was this realization: when … Continued

My FFL is here!

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I am finally licensed to manufacture firearms.  Unfortunately I don’t have time to do that just at the moment but soon, very soon.

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