“Boys with sticks”: play violence is good!

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Here’s an interesting article advocating for letting boys play violent games with pretend weapons.  And here’s Jonah Goldberg on one school’s bizarre decision to ban superheroes on the grounds that they “solve problems using violence. “Anti-violence” advocacy is…baffling to me.  … Continued

The Cool Grips Project, Part 2

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In Part 1 of the Cool Grips Project, I discussed my first handmade prototype and the expense of having them made for public consumption. At the end of 2013, I was looking for an alternative to an expensive injection mold … Continued

The role of police in society

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Via Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), this interesting cartoon by Michael Ramirez: The good professor goes on to make the reasonable point that the police don’t protect victims from crime, they protect criminals from the retaliation of victims and their families.  This … Continued

Finally back at work

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Back from a fantastic vacation in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t advertise when I’ll be away from home, but it was a great 10 days.  Those of you who placed orders may have noticed that I brought inventory with me … Continued

Welcome TFB readers!

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I see that The Firearm Blog has linked to the Wall-Saver safety cylinder.  Thanks for the link! And welcome to my new visitors, feel free to poke around and leave a comment or send in a question.  If you’re curious … Continued

Why I May Sue The State Department.

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Work on my aluminum 1911 is currently at a standstill.  Why? Well, the State Department’s ITAR regs (based on the Arms Export Control Act) requires all manufacturers of “defense articles” (which includes most guns) to register at the astonishing cost … Continued

Into the woods with the Cub Scouts again!

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Leo Combat will be closed for Cub Scout camping (second time this summer) from Sunday, July 12 through Tuesday, July 14.  Orders and questions during that time will be addressed Wednesday morning.  Thank you for your patience!

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