Freddie Gray Charges Filed

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So prosecutors have charged 6 police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray, which of course was the spark for the riots we’ve all been watching. As for the headline, that the officers stand accused of crimes including murder, … Continued

Teaser (for the auto shooters)

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Is that an aluminum 1911 80% frame (or, as the ATF calls it, a “receiver blank”)?  Why yes it is, sort of.  It’s a cheapo defect frame from Stealth Arms; they made a mistake on the magwell so they bored … Continued

A Gift For Me!

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This was on the front porch this morning: My birthday IS coming up, so yay!  Then I opened it up, and found a packing slip with a woman’s name that I didn’t recognize.  No doubt I have many secret admirers, … Continued

More Thoughts on Big Government

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Regarding yesterday’s big government post, a friend remarked that many laws have good intentions, and that things are frequently more complicated than a simple-minded opposition to “big government” would suggest. He also pointed out that this is not an easy … Continued

Big Government: It’s the Little Things

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As I have mentioned on Facebook, I have applied for a manufacturing FFL, and have several products that I would like to offer that fall under the ATF’s definition of “manufacturing.” This definition is expansive, covering ANY modification to a … Continued

1 Million Cups was fun!

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Turnout was low (probably because of Spring Break in the local schools) but I appreciated all the suggestions and I will be putting them into practice! Fort Collins has invited me to present as well, and I will certainly try, … Continued

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