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Dear Lefties: If You Don’t ‘Feel Safe,’ You Can Always Buy Some Guns

Self-defense is a human right, even for humans who are dumb enough to think Trump is Hitler.  (Although one may be inclined to wonder why big-government supporters who engage in street violence when their preferred candidate loses an election object to Hitler.  I mean, really, you guys seem kind of like his type).

Part of me worries a little bit–I think the fantasies of people shooting each other over parking spaces that are always trotted out (but never happen) are a matter of projection.  Just like the predictions of riots if Trump lost turned out to be projection.  Anti-gunners think “I’d probably shoot someone over a parking space, so probably other people would, too.”  But I have long believed that the best way to encourage responsible behavior is to give people responsibility.

And, just generally, if Trump <i>does</i> turn out to be Hitler, I’d rather the hipsters and lefties were with me at the barricades rather than expecting me to save their sorry asses.

So buy guns, people!

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